Imagery International Movement

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Ages 8-18

Eat… Grow…Molt… The Feeding Stage. Our youth eat and absorb everything they are exposed to and Ages 8-at has been imparted to them.


Ages 19-39

The Chrysalis is the place of safety. A protective covering that provides safety and shelter from the harsh elements. Winds that can blow you away… Rain that can wash you away… heat from the sun that can dry you up and drain all of your strength.


The Awakening

Ages 40-49

Transparency stage of the chrysalis – The blinders are coming off and you’re beginning to see much clearer now. Your perspective of yourself is changing and it’s time to break through that wall.


Ages 50-64

When you get to this stage, that’s when you say, “I have arrived.”… NOT!!!! But you have been through all of the growing stages and because you made it to this point, the sky is the limit!




Ages 65-99

You’ve been through the Cycles of Life and you’ve risen from the flames like a Phoenix. Now, your wisdom is needed by those who are in the flames. YET


Mourning to Mourning

Our purpose is to be a beacon of Light to Mothers who are trying to find their way after the misfortune of losing a child.

Mourning to Morning is a support group for Mothers Overcoming Grief after the loss of their child or children.