Imagery International Movement

Ages 8-18  Eat… Grow… Molt…

Caterpillars can grow 100 times their size during this stage. Our youth eat and absorb everything they are exposed to and become what has been imparted to them and what they have ingested. 

It is usually those who are closest to them that have the most significant impact on their lives, be it positive or negative. Good, bad, positive, ugly, or indifferent characters can be phenomenally built by either.  It’s all in how the girls process what they have experienced.  

We have a terrible tendency to focus on who’s to blame for our Perception, our Perspectives, our Points of view and our dysfunction and not on how to best serve and add value to our youth so that they may live a life of significance not only for themselves but the generations to come. 

IIM is here to impart those things that will cause them to grow into healthy and wholly confident adults. 

  • Etiquette
  • Compass Assessment
  • Teen Advocacy Program (Pre & Postnatal Moms)
  • Leadership Game
  • Fun Exercises
  • Purple Table Talk – About the cares of Life
    • We listen – You talk… We talk – You listen. 
  • Behavioral Assessment (with Parents)
  • Surface Deep – The Evolution of You!

We are open to partnerships and collaboration with organizations with youth programs that share the same principles and values as us.