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Chrysalis defined:  (v) Insulate, protect, cushion, envelop, wrap, isolate, shelter  (n) shell, case, bubble, layer, nest, coat.

The Chrysalis is a place of safety. A protective covering that provides safety and shelter from the harsh elements. Winds that can blow you away… Rain that can wash you away… heat from the sun that can dry you up and drain all of your strength…

The initial stage of the chrysalis is very uncomfortable. It is thick and is triple insulated so that nothing or no one can penetrate. It does not reveal what’s inside at all. It is almost like a prison, however there are no bars; you are surrounded by a continuous wall with no doors. It’s like solitary confinement. 

However, while in this chrysalis, you are becoming a beautiful you. Everything you need for sustenance is already in you! All of those things you ate, saw, heard, and touched to this point have greatly impacted your life. You will not die of starvation, you will not perish from over-exposure, you will find resilience, and use what you have in you to make it through this transition.  You will find strength. You seem to be dead, but you are thriving and not just surviving.  This stage is necessary for growth. True transformation is taking place and some of what you are shedding is forming into wings. 

Chronologically, you may be an adult however you don’t really become an adult until after you’ve gone into the chrysalis. The Chrysalis is spun out of you (caterpillar). You have made this tough material that will withstand the storms and will insulate you from the elements.

You Cannot Progress Without Going Through the Process!

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