Imagery International Movement


Ages 40-49 

Transparency stage of the chrysalis – has anyone ever seen your beauty while you’re in the chrysalis and complimented you?  They not only see your potential they see the transformation and the beauty of the metamorphosis. They remember when you were just a name and now, they see your promise and they see you breaking out before you break out.  

At a certain point during this stage, we are in the form of what we shall be before breaking out of the chrysalis, however we have to wait until the right time and the right season to emerge. 

It’s at that time that the chrysalis has become thin (not as rigid) and become transparent; even to the point that someone can look inside the chrysalis and see your beautiful wings arrayed with beautiful, vibrant colors and patterns that distinctively and exclusively are yours, but… you cannot come out until you are mature and absolutely ready to go the distance and be an effective witness of the metamorphosis that has taken place. 

 You’re still in the chrysalis, and You are Poised to Emerge!