Imagery International Movement


Ages 65-99

The responsibility of the growth of your promise was given to the one who birthedyou.  You started from a seed (sperm) that was rooted in an egg; then into an embryo and as time passed the cells regenerated and the gift of YOU was formed. You’ve been through the Storms of Life, and you’ve risen from the flames like a Phoenix.  YET… you still have to be vigilant as you still have the cares of life to deal with,  

  • The reality of your mortality
  • Financial stability
  • Deaths of Family and Friends
  • Health 
  • Loneliness, etc.

IIM offers resources, workshops, enjoyable outings, events, and so much more. 

Pollinators plant seeds and reproduce by utilizing and sharing their wisdom with generations after them.

Birthing – Nurturing – Feeding – Cleaning – Teaching – Affirming – Covering Community!