What women are saying about their experience



Kira Hawkins – Florissant, MO
Since I've been coming to the Imagery meetings and annual dinners, my attitude, my self esteem has gone up greatly. When I leave Imagery meetings, I feel like I can do anything! Lady Eneazer is so compassionate and caring about all the ladies that are a part of Imagery. She pours out everything in her and allows God to use her. My life has been transformed by Imagery. I look forward to the next level God is going to take Imagery to! 

Sharon  Johnson – Creve Coeur, MO

Before Imagery, I was only existing but not really living. Now, through this Empowering Women's Gathering, I now live life on Purpose and to the fullest each and every day!! Before Imagery my Inner light was so dim but now it's very Bright, causing me to have this Undeniable GLOW.  Thank you Eneazer for sharing some of your own personal struggles, also for all the crying and Laughter, lovely luncheons we've shared. Mostly I'm grateful for the times you've spoken words of Love and Life into me and the rest of the ladies causing us to be the best we can be.
Imagery Simply Rocks!!

Patricia Rattler – St. Louis, MO

Imagery Internationalhas been a lifeline to me from day one.  As clergy, to have a forum where you can be open and honest without risk of criticism or intimidation, is quite rare.  Each session has been therapeutic and continues to bring inner healing so I can continue to reach out to others.  No topic has been off limits, thus providing a platform to share with and hear from other individuals without embarrassment. This organization has given so many women hope and a hand up after life has beaten us down.  Opportunities for personal development and growth are offered to bring greater value and continued success in whatever arenas we find ourselves.  We are not left in the same state in which we came.   I have cried through most sessions -releasing the hurt and pain or celebrating the wins and success in the lives of others.  My life, my mental health, my emotional wellbeing, my outlook, has been positively impacted as a result of this blessing called Imagery International. 

Levita Y. Crumble - Dallas, TX

What can I say?  You have been an inspiration to me from the time you arrived here in St. Louis.  You are a beautiful person inside and out and you have been there for me on various occasions.  You have always kept it real no matter how we took it.  Whether we liked it or not, you didn't bite your tongue.  You have been a mother, friend, sister and confidant and I appreciate the woman you are.  You always rise to the top because that is where you belong and that is where God has placed you.  Continue to strive for heights unknown because you are a twinkling star that shines bright.  Love you much!!

Angelique Shannon – St. Louis, MO

I met Mama Eneazer about six years ago. She approached me about a women's group. I was interested but didn't fully let her know I was interested. She actually thought I was not serious about change. But, we aired that out and I began to attend Imagery Intl. I have learned so much from looking at things the right way versus what others have said, to knowing what God was saying through her. She teaches differently than others, Mama Eneazer teaches real life and she keeps it Real, real and you have to have tough skin to take what life is about and revealed through her. Mama Eneazer has brought me from a deep, deep depression in life. She has loved on me and taught me that life has its ups and downs. It's all about the Mirror...what you see in the Mirror. I was not one to look in the mirror because all I saw was a hurt little girl no one cared about that was feeling her way through life;… Deep, Deep hurt. Listening to her be sooo transparent made me begin to come to life and realize that it’s okay to bare your scars. Your scars were not just for you to live in the dark... but to live in the light and help others.  If you never bare or uncover your scars, you can't receive help. Mama Eneazer has wisdom beyond her years and she doesn't understand the extent that she has saved my life through her teachings. I looked forward to going every time; I was a sponge when I could be; I was a wallflower at times as well. The way Mama Eneazer pours into her girls no words can describe. She took a little wounded stubborn girl and helped her grow to be the adult God called her to be. Step by step. 
I AM… God's Masterpiece

MyKeia Co Co ThomasEast St. Louis, IL

I've know you since I was around 10 or 11. You welcomed me into your family and your heart and for that I am eternally grateful. You were and still are an inspirational role model!  You always showed poised and lady-like qualities. Through your example, you’ve shown me how to be a young lady and what it took to be a woman. I have always admired you for your strength, courage, and wisdom. Thank you for taking the time to step in where you saw fit and creating in me an image we're both truly proud of! Love you MOM! 

Candace Daniels Godbolt - Champaign, IL

Eneazer, I thank you for being a wonderful Sunday school teacher and leader. I really appreciate the way you listened to me as a teenager. You spoke words of wisdom to me and not at me. What did I love the most about you? You were real and you never judged me. I knew you always had my best interest at heart. That's what made you so different. You encouraged me to seek God first. You were so caring and so understanding. I knew I could always talk to you. You are truly my second mom. I love you so much. 

Kimesha Herndon

Thank you so much for being an example before me. Growing up, it would seem that I would have a lot of examples before me, but honestly, you have been one of the few REAL examples of what it means to be a Godly woman. I appreciate you pushing past all of the walls that I put up and actually taking the time to get to know the real me. Thank you for making me face the real me, and for actually holding me to a standard of excellence that pushes me beyond my known capabilities. The words that you have spoken to me over the years still are brought back to my remembrance to this day. I am thankful for having the privilege of being called your daughter. You mean the world to me. I love you more than words can express. Thanks 

Janelle Frazier– Houston, TX

Mom, I can't even begin to really put into words what you have imparted into my life and been to me. You have been so much to me when I couldn't relate or even talk to my own family; you were there to build me up. You remind me on a regular basis that I can still be the classy, sassy me and still be a good mother to my children. When I need a reality check you not only give it to me but you give it to me with love and most of all with truth. You have allowed yourself to be transparent to show that God can and will do exactly what he promises us regardless of the situations in our lives. I cannot begin to repay you for all that you have done for me. I love you and will forever be in your debt for all that you have done. Your daughter-Janelle

Joslyn Anthony– East St. Louis, IL 

I believe the true character of a person is revealed when they are faced with adversity. I have seen you remain poised in every situation imaginable, and in every unbelievable test of faith. It has never just been in what you have said or even how you have carried yourself. It has been -and still is- all in what you do. And what you do is inspire, encourage and motivate. How could I ever say thank you for being who you are...a wonderful example of a Christian woman. A Thanks is not enough, but that's all I have. Love Ya! 

Andraé Blissett– New Braunfels, TX 

As your son, you have not only been the greatest influence on my life to be a man, but also the greatest influence of family. I can recall how important the values that you raised me under were to you, and how they have become even that much a value in my life today. I know that you have influenced me positively, because to this day and the rest of my life, I always think of you now as I raise my children. Even though we didn’t have the best of everything, or all the money; we had each other.